P-WAY CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING PTE LTD was founded in 2002 by the Managing Director, Mr G.V. Kumar. He is one of the most notable people when it comes to MRT. In 1984, Mr Kumar started his career with the construction of the tracks at Bishan Depot (Singapore’s first MRT Depot) as an assistant regulator operator for Henry-Boots/Gammon. In 1986, he continued with Balfour Beatty /Gammon as locomotive supervisor. With North-East Line, he was a Senior MRT coordinator with Tekken Corporation with overseeing the trackworks from the start to the completion of the project. 

P-WAY’s first major involvement was the Circle Line (CCL) Project in 2007 with Alstom. Ever since then, P-WAY has been vigorously involved in the Singapore’s railway Industry.


Today, P-WAY is the Pioneer for the railway industry in Singapore.